Multi-Dwelling Unit Communications Solutions

Multi-Dwelling Unit Solutions

Big telephone companies do not share their profits with you for providing them customers, they will not pay you for the room they use for connections in your building, so why let them in?
By setting up a service agreement with Totalconnect Telephone Company for wholesale telephone services, you can offer your residents telephone services with all the standard features included and you can start collecting profits that you are currently giving up to the big telephone providers.
Totalconnect Telephone Company will install your telephone system providing dial tone to each unit.
Even after leasing our telephony infrastructure, reselling our phone services to your residents can be a net revenue generator for you!

Multi-Dwelling Unit Package

Totalconnect uses a standard base when building a system for Multi-Dwelling units. The system includes onsite telecommunication servers, media gateways, UPS, high speed internet, detailed call data records, automated billing, competitive long distance rates and more. Contact us to determine what Totalconnect can do for your Multi-Dwelling Units and start a new profit center in your buildings.

Care Homes

If you manage a Care Home, Totalconnect has a special offer for you.

See HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS, Facility Profit Center

Multi-Dwelling Unit Example

One of Totalconnect’s current Multi-Dwelling Unit contracts has Totalconnect providing dial tone to over 150 rooms in a multi-building setup. This site is extremely busy and its needs include special settings on some lines including toll restrictions, inbound calls only, call blocks from specific numbers and more. Not only does Totalconnect provide them with all the standard features and all the requested extras, but new numbers have been provided with the requested features and activated in less than 24 hours due to our streamlined system of provisioning.