About Us

Totalconnect is dedicated to delivering cloud based solutions that enable our customers to increase their ROI, modernize their business practices and optimize processes for smarter communications. We provide products and techniques that ensure organizations can stay up to date, be competitive and succeed in today’s fast paced high tech world.
These products and services include:
    • Aligning technological solutions with business objectives to create value, increase productivity and save costs of business communications processes.

    • Maintaining customized solutions through cutting-edge technologies.

    • Designing and improving business communication processes to help in achieving a competitive breakthrough.

    • From technical consultation to maintenance and training – Totalconnect’s solutions can support all aspects of your business communications.

At Totalconnect Telephone Company we understand that your company is looking for more than just a phone line. Totalconnect’s aim is to provide you with excellent integrated services and products. Totalconnect’s feature rich service and modern cloud communications systems are a complete communications solution. Our goal is to provide you with all you need to improve your communications and increase your efficiency. Totalconnect’s personalized service works to build a strong lasting relationship with your company.



Totalconnect is a Telecommunications provider based in Surrey, British Columbia Canada. We provide custom telecommunications services designed to meet each client’s needs and growth with more features at less cost than the big telephone companies. Totalconnect Telephone Company  provides your business with fully featured services and business communications systems.


We adhere to strict guidelines and requirements when setting up our services and equipment to ensure not only that the client’s needs are met, but service quality is ensured. Our focus is to not only provide the system clients need, but a system that can grow with them enhancing their ability to efficiently manage communications.


TRUST: We work hard to build a relationship with our client that is enjoyable as well as mutually beneficial. We provide the personal service expected from a small company with the professional quality of a big company.

Our Commitment:

By bringing together our knowledge, skill and creativity, we can look to discover and create great opportunities and solutions for our clients. Our company takes pride in providing creative products and services in order to earn our client’s business every day. Our innovative team invests all their knowledge and years of experience in a wide range of industries to give you the solution you need to step up with your business communications. This effort and experience results in nothing but efficient and cost-effective solutions that meet your demands.


Our technical and solutions expertise extends as far back as the 1980’s. Being well grounded in IT, systems integrations, specialized programming and customer support our team entered into VoIP in its earliest stages.

With TOTALCONNECT – Stay on top of telecommunications processes

The rapid convergence of many technologies in the telecommunication industry makes it more important than ever to have solutions that feature the latest elements. Totalconnect’s solutions provide expandable products and services that allow us to deliver the best possible business performance, achieve maximum cost efficiency, optimize your systems and provide excellent communication service. We possess the technology and expertise that bring effective change. Instead of focusing on one aspect of the field we bring products for multiple levels to ensure growth and performance.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about us.