Mid-Sized Business Communications Solutions

Mid-Sized Business Solutions

Totalconnect’s Business Process Review not only includes an examination of your current telecommunications and needs, but is also designed to provide for your future growth. Your system will be created to meet your specific needs and to be easily upgradeable allowing you to expand the system as your company grows.

Mid-Sized Business Package

Due to the fact that each mid-sized business is in a different stage of its growth, there cannot be a standard package as one size does not fit all. Totalconnect does have a base that is used when designing a mid-sized or large sized business system. This includes high-speed internet, an onsite PBX with custom auto-attendant, all the features you have come to expect, plus the added ability of follow-me  roaming, voicemail to email, detailed call data records and more.

Mid-Sized Business Example

A current example of a tailor made solution for a mid-sized business with great savings and increased ability to manage multiple locations supporting a busy technical sector:

27 locations, 2 staff at each location

To enhance the business, Totalconnect has enabled them to have all their staff at all 27 locations on a single system. This custom solution allows customers to call any store line and be transferred to any location that has a free line. This means no busy signals, no overly busy offices, no underused offices; customers are always able to reach sales and support associates.

The system also brings all locations into direct extension to extension calling – no lines busy for calls between offices and no long distance even when crossing toll zones.

The package includes a customized auto-attendant set up by our staff and recorded by our professional voice talent.