Large Business Communications Solutions

Large Business Solutions

Totalconnect’s goal is to design a system for you to meet your specific needs. Whether you are a large company with small telecommunications needs or a large corporation with hundreds of lines and multiple locations, Totalconnect can create a system streamlining your communications and saving you money.

Large Business Package

As with mid sized businesses, there cannot be a standard package as one size does not fit all. Totalconnect starts with the same base when designing a mid-sized or large sized business system. This includes high-speed internet, an onsite PBX with custom auto-attendant, all the features you have come to expect, plus the added ability of follow-me roaming, voicemail to email, detailed call data records and more.

Large Business Example

A current example of a tailor-made solution for a large business with great savings and increased ability to manage multiple locations, staff transfers and more:
17 locations, 350 phones, multiple staff and client extensions within the business system.
This large business required not only the standard phone lines and features, but inter-office transfers, extensions for clients to be able to receive voicemail (with voicemail to email), constant quick changes and additions of extensions for new clients, full detailed call data records and more.
Totalconnect was able to provide a system that covered all the required features plus many other features the company had not thought of, but now utilize to improve their overall business communications.